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Pinnacle Pointe believes that a motivated student who wants to be here will learn. Pinnacle Pointe exists to assist parents in developing students who demonstrate scholastic and behavioral excellence and make a positive impact in their community. Students are provided the opportunity to gain foundational knowledge, grow in character and develop leadership skills. Pinnacle Pointe is passionate about creating and sustaining environments where students are valued, trusted and encouraged to take risks and achieve their dreams.

Core Values

Pinnacle Pointe is committed to four Academic values:
1. Hire teachers who want to spend their day with children, who own the responsibility to motivate each student and who can cause learning.
2. Provide safe and disruptive free classroom environments.
3. Engage students by encouraging them to express their classroom learning experiences.
4. Assign homework for the purpose of retention and preparation.


Although Pointe Schools believes that all students can learn, we recognize not all students learn to the same level of mastery by expending the same effort. Pointe’s staff is committed to utilizing class time effectively and efficiently, and respecting student time outside of class. We believe students need time to unwind, reflect, and be involved in other areas of interest not offered during school hours. However, students should expect to spend time reviewing material that was taught in class and preparing for class. School breaks are homework-free times for students!

1. Homework will be specifically related to a state standard.
2. Homework will be assigned with a purpose.
3. Homework will not introduce a new topic.
4. Homework is independent practice for the student. Please, notify the teacher if your student does not understand the assignment.
5. Homework will not be assigned as a punishment.

Student Grades - Online Academic Resources

Students and parents can monitor in real time a student's academic progress using Pinnacle's online academic resource. Click here for online academic resource sign in page.

State Testing - Spring 2020

AzMERIT, the State's assessment for English Language Arts and Mathematics, will be administered to students grades 3 through high school at their grade level. AIMS Science will be administered to students in grades 4 and 8 through 10. For more information on state assessments, click here.