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Pinnacle Pointe's primary communication resources are electronic. For daily insights, scheduling and event updates, Pinnacle Pointe utilizes the various communication platforms linked on this site. Although letters, flyers and notices may be sent home from time to time highlighting information about an event, parents should not rely solely on these forms of communication. Instead, the schools' electronic resources, linked within this site, should be consulted daily.

Emergency Information

Pinnacle Pointe's primary communication during an emergency is the Principal's Blog.

Student Academic Progress

Communication between the school and home is vital for student success. Parent/guardians are encouraged to stay informed and involved in student grades and classroom behavior through the school's online academic resources and/or direct email access to teachers. Since teachers have responsibilities before and after school, impromptu conferences and meetings are not possible.

Contacting School Personnel

Pinnacle Pointe's administrators, faculty and staff can be contacted through email. Coaches/group leaders, who do not work at Pinnacle Pointe, will provide team/group member parents with contact information. Pinnacle Pointe faculty and staff will respond to an email by the end of the next day (unless the person is absent or the school is on break.)

Use of Recording Devices

Due to student and employee privacy rights and issues, taking pictures or video sound and images - including recording, capturing, copying, duplicating, publishing, printing, uploading, posting, etc., - during parent meetings (including but not limited to conferences and IEP meetings) is not permitted.

Student Concerns During School Hours While On Campus

Students with concerns during school hours, while on campus, should take one of the following steps:

  1. Visit the School Office before school, during lunch, or after school and ask to speak to an administrator.
  2. Complete and submit a Student Concern Report to the School Office.
  3. Go immediately to the School Office and ask to speak to an administrator.

Student Concerns During Extracurricular Activities

Students with concerns during extracurricular activities should immediately contact the faculty member/staff person/coach/group leader in charge of the activity.

Conflict Resolution

Pinnacle Pointe believes concerns should be communicated directly with the administrator, faculty member, staff or extracurricular coach/group leader involved in the situation. If the faculty member, staff, or extracurricular coach/group leader is unable to resolve a concern, the parent/guardian may request the assistance of a school administrator. If the administrator is unable to resolve the situation to the parent/guardian's satisfaction, the Principal's decision is final.