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office: 623.537.3535
attendance: 623.537.4252
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fax: 623.537.4433

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During the school year, faculty and staff will respond to an email by the end of the next school day. Prior to contacting administration regarding a question or concern parents must first contact the teacher/coach/group leader. In the unfortunate event that a concern can not be resolved to the parent's satisfaction, the Principal's decision is final.

Front Office

Alexandra Fallon, Principal

Melissa Dominguez, Registrar

Preschool Faculty

Stacie Kopa, Starting Pointe Preschool Director

Ali Schneider, Pre-Kindergarten Teacher

Academy Faculty

Monica Stekkinger, Kindergarten Teacher

Danica Grobnagger, First Grade Teacher

Emily Renoth, Second Grade Teacher

Katie Shaw, Third Grade Teacher

Corinne Wernsing, Fourth Grade Teacher

Tyler Wernsing, Fifth Grade Teacher

Emma deLeon, Sixth Grade Teacher

Dr. Toni Allen, Individualized Education Teacher

504 Plan Coordinator

Tanya Brodd

Title IX & Title VI Coordinator

Dr. Jody Williamson