Unique Culture
Why is Pinnacle thriving when so many schools are struggling? The answer should probably be complex, but it actually isn't. Our
success is the result of our culture that is anchored in the core belief that a motivated student, who wants to be here, will learn!
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Inside Pinnacle
While many charter organizations target locations where schools are struggling, Pinnacle Pointe Academy is surrounded by several
district and charter schools who also provide families with challenging academic programs. However, unlike these other schools, Pinnacle Pointe
provides students athletic and arts opportunities as well as activities designed to promote positive relationships and life-long memories.
Academic Excellence
Pinnacle's academic programs meet and often exceed the Federal Government's No Child Left Behind legislation and State
standards. Students excel in reading and math through Pinnacle's unique academic blocking where students are challenged
according to ability level not grade level.
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Campus Activities
Pinnacle's campus activities are designed to provide students experiences where life-long relationships and memories can be
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Engaging Specials
As schools continue to cut non-essential academic programs, Pinnacle keeps expanding its curricular enhancement programs
offering technology, performing arts, fitness and core knowledge labs.
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After School Programs
Pinnacle offers after school programs that allow students to develop skills in athletics and the arts including football, volleyball,
soccer, baseball, softball, basketball, cheer, tv production, piano, theatre and choir.
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Pinnacle Cares
Pinnacle Cares provides students, faculty and parents the opportunity to care for others.
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Privacy Policy
As a general rule, preptv does not post the last name of elementary students while identifying their participation in a school activity or promoting their accomplishment in Knowledge, Character,
and Leadership.  Likewise preptv does not include any reference to a student in a posted jpeg or mpeg image file name. These precautions should eliminate parental concerns about a child being
identified as the result of an Internet search.  However, in the event that a parent is uncomfortable with a posted text or image, preptv will remove the text or image upon notification.

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Supportive Parents
Pinnacle's parents volunteer in various programs that their child participates in including assisting in the classroom and helping with
after school programs.
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Character Education
Through various events, students are challenged to make every thought, every word and every action count.
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6753 West Pinnacle Peak Road
Glendale, Arizona 85310
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