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Parent Volunteerism


The education of every student is a team effort and we welcome the help of our families in creating a loving and academically challenging community of learners. There are various opportunities for families to volunteer throughout the year within the classroom, at events/activities, and performing general duties around the campus. We are so grateful for the incredible individuals in our Panther family and thank you all for making it the amazing school it is!

Volunteer Opportunities - Donations of Time

Please consider where you could personally invest your time as a part of our Panther Family: Classroom (contact your student’s teacher directly), Lunch, Office, Clubs, Family Nights, 4A Days, Facilities, Field Trips, and Facilities

All visitors and volunteers are required to provide 24 hours notice and be approved by administration prior to visiting and assisting on campus.

Financial Donations

Pinnacle offers many academic, art, and athletic options free of charge so that all students have an equal opportunity to be involved. Instead of charging a fee, we thankfully welcome donations to support these programs. We also have Extracurricular Tax Credit forms available if you would like to target a donation directly to our incredible Extracurriculars and get the money back dollar-for-dollar in what you owe on state taxes (you can even take some forms to share with family and friends so that they can donate to Pinnacle and save on their taxes, too!)