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Project Child Find


Pinnacle Pointe has created Project Child Find to promote public awareness of resources available to all parents who have reason to believe their child is not progressing at an appropriate level of development. Project Child Find's goal is to identify, locate and evaluate children with disabilities within our population served who are in need of special education and related services.

Screening and testing activities are used to determine eligibility and need for special services. Screening activities for disabilities or special needs are conducted for all newly enrolled students, including those transferring into the school. Screening is accomplished within 45 calendar days of enrollment and includes those transferring into the school. Screening is accomplished within 45 calendar days of enrollment and includes consideration of academic and cognitive skills, vision, hearing, communication, emotional and psychomotor domains. The project aims to provide services to children who are not currently receiving special education and/or who require reasonable accommodations and modifications in order to progress in the general curriculum.

Project Child Find has written procedures in place which are implemented by our child Study Teams for the identification and referral for all children having a suspected disability. Project Child Find is reviewed annually by our staff to ensure that there "special" children receive an appropriate education.

Additionally, the school maintains records and documentation that is annually reported indicating the number of children with disabilities. Reporting is done within each disability category that has been identified, located and evaluated. Each of Pointe Schools has programs for children with different abilities and needs.

For more information, contact Pinnacle Pointe's administration at 623.537.3535.