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Pinnacle Pointe Academy in Glendale AZ

Established in 2002, Pinnacle Pointe Academy uses small class sizes and immersive curricula to engage and empower young minds. Our mission is to provide children with the early education they need to become lifelong learners, passionate about education. We offer instruction for preschool and kindergarten, as well as first through sixth grades. Schedule a campus visit today to learn more about our passionate approach to early education.

We offer scheduled campus visits to parents considering enrollment for their children.

We take immense pride in our small class sizes and balanced educational curriculum.
Our teachers are all well-qualified and passionate about shaping young minds!
We believe in motivating students, encouraging them to develop a love of learning.
As a feeder school, our students are guaranteed enrollment at North Pointe Prep.

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Empowering Lifelong Learners and a Zeal for Education

Education is a series of stepping stones, each one leading to the next as the concepts grow more and more complex. In order to reach the next step in their education, they need strong, reliable footing on the previous one. At Pinnacle Pointe Academy, we see it as our duty to provide this footing as we show students the path to a brighter future of learning.

Our charter school in Glendale, AZ spans first through sixth grade, as well as early childhood education for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. At every level, we’re focused on instilling a love of learning and lust for education in each of our students. We want them to connect to the material they’re learning and embrace it. As they learn and master new concepts, they’ll feel increasingly fulfilled and ready to take the next step—to middle school, high school, secondary education and beyond.

We strive to stay ahead of other charter schools in Glendale, AZ.

Our kids are exposed to concepts early—sometimes a full grade level before other schools! This ensures they’re able to quickly bridge concepts and digest new information. And, because we maintain small class sizes and only employ well-qualified teachers, we ensure every student gets the help they need to succeed.

Providing a Reliable Foundation

Jumping from one stepping stone to the next is easy at Pinnacle Pointe Academy. We not only provide a stable, reliable foundation for the next level of learning, but we also show students how easy it is to learn! For our students, the next stepping stone isn’t scary—it’s something they’ll jump at the chance to reach!

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Pinnacle Pointe Academy may have a small campus, but we’re home to big opportunities! Schedule a campus visit today to see our approach to making education fun and engaging. Proudly providing excellent educational opportunities to the Glendale Area!