Heritage Academy AZ Transition

For over 20 years, Pointe Schools has worked hard to offer parents a choice in their students’ education, and we have done our very best to fulfill this promise to families. Our faculty and staff have always remained faithful to our purpose, promise, and plan, and we are committed to maintaining our current programming through the end of the school year.

As you know, the past few years have been difficult for Pointe Schools and many other education providers across the country. After spending significant time evaluating our strategic options, we have determined that the present course is no longer sustainable for our campuses. With this in mind, we resolved to find a not-for-profit partner who would preserve a choice for parents, offer academic rigor, and provide a balanced program that incorporates athletics and arts for PreK-12 students.

We are happy to announce we have been in communication with Heritage Academy, an Arizona based not-for-profit charter school, to ensure a high-quality educational option for families in the West Valley continues. Heritage Academy will be taking over the Pinnacle Pointe Academy and North Pointe Prep campuses, a process we anticipate being completed before the start of the next school year.

Heritage Academy was the 4th school in AZ to receive a charter and is currently in its 28th operating year. With multiple campuses across Phoenix, Heritage serves approx. 3,600 students in grades PreK – 12th and is consistently ranked as one of the top school systems in AZ. Its program focuses on building strong character in our youth through academics, arts, and athletics. You can find out more about Heritage Academy here.

Click here for more information on enrollment with Heritage Academy at the Pinnacle location for the 2324 school year!