Fifth Grade in Glendale, AZ

The concepts learned at the fifth-grade level at Pinnacle Pointe Academy differ from those learned at other prep schools in Glendale, AZ. Fifth grade is a formative year in a student’s primary education, and we capitalize on this fact to instill advanced learning in our kids. From high-level concepts to hands-on activities, we’re committed to keeping students excited about education.

Tyler Wernsing teaches fifth grade at our prep school in Glendale, AZ. His curriculum is aimed at advanced math, science, language arts, and social studies. By introducing higher-level topics ahead of the usual grading scale, we’re able to get kids comfortable with advanced learning at a young age. They’ll be well-equipped to excel in middle school and beyond.

  • Math: We explore numbers and mathematical concepts from hundred billions down to the thousandths! We work with all operators, fractions, decimals and percents. Measurement in metric and customary units is a blast. Geometry includes two and three dimensional figures as well as graphing on a coordinate plane. Perseverance and reasoning are a focus as we expand our learning.
  • Science: Students explore the very large to the very small from galaxies to atoms we engage students in discussions and explorations designed to engage students in interpreting, analyzing, and investigating their world. Experiments support our studies of matter, force, motion, machines, and energy. We explore the earth and atmosphere, our solar system and galaxies beyond. Human involvement in the planet and processes. We discuss organisms, genetics, and the diversity of our world.
  • English Language Arts: Quarterly novel studies are used to explore literature and concepts relating to core reading standards and beyond. Written opinion and explanatory pieces focus on current events or interesting topics. We use state reports to investigate and conduct research on a topic while following the work from concept to publishing. A variety of classwork and opportunities are created to encourage collaboration and effective speaking skills.
  • Social studies: Beginning with the events leading to revolution we follow the history of America until the early 1900’s. We explore the Constitution, Bill of Rights, and factors that have influenced our growth and shaped our place in the world over time. We explore all grade level targets with the use of primary and secondary sources. We explore and discuss our role and duties as citizens of the United States.

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