Kindergarten in Glendale, AZ

Kindergarten is a core component of any charter elementary school in Glendale, AZ. It’s a child’s first exposure to structured learning and it provides a baseline for introducing them to major areas of study. At Pinnacle Pointe Academy, our kindergarten program is designed to engage kids in a way that gets them excited about learning and encourages them to see the world around them as a never-ending series of opportunities.

Our kindergarten teacher is Monica Stekkinger. She has experience with early childhood education at our charter elementary schools in Glendale, AZ. She understands the sensory nature of learning at the kindergarten level. Her curriculum focuses on establishing a strong foundation in basic concepts while making learning fun and exciting.

  • English Language Arts: Our literacy program nurtures a love of reading while building a strong foundation for not only reading, but including, writing, and language development. Students develop foundational skills for reading while focusing on comprehension, fluency, sight words, and routine. We continuously use art, songs, and independent centers to strengthen our interest for new readers.
  • Math: Students learn to use critical thinking and deeper understanding and use them to solve real world problems. They develop competency with counting and the relationship to quantity. Students also develop an understanding of addition and subtraction and understand various strategies for addition and subtraction that can be used in real world situations.
  • Social Studies: Students begin to understand their roles and responsibilities as citizens within their own community. Students learn about their own culture and how it impacts understanding of oneself and others. Students are also introduced to aspects of our national culture, including important symbols, holidays, and traditions.
  • Science: Students explore and focus on the introduction into science, such as life science, earth and space science, and physical education. They learn to use their senses to help them make predictions and observations and investigate weather, earth and space, living and non-living things, and plants and animals. Kindergarteners use deeper thinking and make observations to collect date and problem solve.

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To learn more about our kindergarten curriculum or for more information about enrollment, please contact Pinnacle Pointe Academy today at 623-537-3535. Let us provide your child with the early childhood education they need to develop a passion for learning!

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