May 22, 2018

"We just moved to this school and are so glad we did. I love the small school environment and the community feel. It's been such a blessing and the kindergarten teachers have been so amazing with my daughter. The principal Ms. Fallon went over and above for us as well. The transition here went so smooth and seamless and we couldn't be happier. My daughter has excelled so much since starting here and her confidence is through the roof! Thank you PPA!"
October 4, 2017

"5 stars!"
June 30, 2016

"Ok, where do I start?! This school is fantastic! I live in the far west valley (surprise) and I've been dying to find a school that will start my daughter into school at 4 (she turns 5 October) she knows enough to start kindergarten. I'd say more than most, but that's my opinion anywho... let's not get off subject. This school is definitely A+ in my opinion the staff has been extremely over the top respectful and courteous, they definitely should recognize the front desk help if they don't already. The teachers are sweet! Wait did I mention my daughter hasn't even started going to school there she's only been to the summer camp that's not the only thing it's 1000% free. Now let's rewind I'd definitely pay for my daughter to go to summer camp if they charged a small fee for summer camp it's worth it! There's no fee so whoever my daughters teacher is will definitely be getting gift cards and a really awesome mom helper to buy decorations and help with anything the class may need. I'm so"