Sixth Grade in Glendale, AZ

Sixth grade is the final level of education at our preparatory school in Glendale, AZ. We use this final opportunity to prepare our students for middle school and all that comes after it. Our sixth-grade curriculum is advanced and pushes students to achieve a robust level of knowledge before they’re tested at the next level.

  • Math: Students will be exposed to advanced mathematics, including geometry, ratios and proportional relationships, statistics and more. Emphasis is on learning proper expression, terminology and variable identification in formulas. We encourage the use of real-world examples, to show students the important role math plays in everyday life.
  • Science: Sixth-grade science focuses on larger concepts across the scientific spectrum. Students will learn to structure experiments and evaluate their hypotheses while identifying crucial variables in their experiments. The bulk of the curriculum centers on living systems, physical sciences and populations of organisms within ecosystems.
  • English Language Arts: Students will be expected to read and discuss concepts within texts, explaining facts and supporting arguments in their own words. Students will also plan, draft and present argumentative and explanatory essays that serve to improve their mastery of communicating broad topics. Speaking and listening skills are a focus throughout.
  • Social studies: Ancient civilizations are the focus of our sixth-grade curriculum—including Ancient Greece, Rome, and Egypt. The Renaissance and Reformation are also introduced, to help students understand the impact of previous civilizations on our modern society. Geography and mapping skills are also emphasized.

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Students completing the sixth-grade level at Pinnacle Pointe Academy are automatically granted enrollment in North Pointe Prep. For more information about our sixth-grade curriculum, please contact us today at 623-537-3535. We look forward to helping your child grow in character and develop leadership skills.

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